Armstrong Pasadena, CA: Underneath the frontrunners of the originator, Herbert W

Armstrong Pasadena, CA: Underneath the frontrunners of the originator, Herbert W

Worldwide Chapel out of Jesus, Herbert W. Armstrong, it church refuted probably the most doctrines from evangelical Christianity, denying the philosophy of your Trinity, the full goddess regarding Jesus Christ, therefore the identity of Holy Spirit. The latest chapel epitomized new somewhat contemporary set of opinions and you can practices that turned labeled as Armstrongism. Beginning in the early 1990s within the management Armstrong’s successors, Joseph W. Tkach along with his young man Joe Tkach, this group has actually gone through outstanding doctrinal conversion. They today keep so you’re able to a vintage evangelical updates into characteristics out-of Jesus and gospel, teaching the fresh new Trinity and you will salvation from the sophistication alone, thanks to faith alone. Large numbers of the membership have remaining to join splinter groups you to definitely nonetheless teach classic Armstrongism. Publishes The latest Plain Realities journal. Profile readily available.


Yahweh’s Set-up in Messiah, David Barnard, Rockport, MO: Posts The dog owner Trick, Unlocking Bible Knowledge mag. Get a hold of Sacred Title direction.

Yin and you can Yang: Taoist layout, utilized in the fresh Age path, carrying your market includes several reverse opportunity forces (positive/negative; male/female, an such like.). They are both requisite and each other should be matched up to possess best mode. So it Yin and you may Yang also disperse from the body thus you to definitely an equilibrium is required to look after fitness. Many new Many years holistic wellness processes, check it out such acupuncture therapy, are derived from tries to harmony that it so-called time or chi. Whenever most of the was healthy, this new Yin and you can Yang harmonize and body works properly.

Yoga: Knowledge (bodily, intellectual or religious) based on East metaphysical assumptions made to aid in enlightenment otherwise self-summary. Requires often were changed states off understanding otherwise uniting the brand new professional toward unpassioned pantheistic God. Style of Yoga were: Karma Pilates (religious relationship as a consequence of right make), Bhakti Yoga (religious partnership through devotion so you’re able to a guru), Juana Pilates (religious connection thanks to undetectable studies), Raja Pilates (religious connection because of rational control), Hatha yoga (religious relationship compliment of muscles control/meditation), Kundalini Pilates (spiritual commitment courtesy paying attention interior energy) and you can Tantra Pilates (spiritual connection using sexual practices). Yoga beliefs lies in the concept of reincarnation and that is taken regarding the Upanishads or other Hindu scriptures.

Pilates Lookup Community, Phildelphia, PA: East mysticism, yoga, reflection, option data recovery strategies (i.elizabeth., alternative wellness). Publishes brand new Yoga Search newsletter.

Yule: Occult getaway distinguished toward shortest day of the year, winter months solstice (December 21). For the close proximity to Christmas, the phrase Yule features often been used as an effective designation to own Christmas.


Zen Buddhism: A branch away from Mahayana Buddhism believed to provides originated from Asia about instruction out-of a great Buddhist learn, Bodhidharma, in the 600 BC, however, tracked back from the advocates to the Buddha themselves. Therapists search satori (abrupt lighting effects permitting bliss and you will harmony), which can’t be told me however, merely educated. Processes is zazen (sitting meditation process) and koans, which are small riddles or sayings. The fresh new koans (and that matter about 1,700) aren’t made to keeps intellectual responses but to advertise the experience of Zen.

Zen Grasp Rama, a effective. Frederick P. Lenz: Occult, ancient Egyptian traditions, reflection, Atlantis. Called the device master whose software company, Advanced Expertise, Inc., could have been called a recruiting arm having his attention handle, Modern age classification. Get a hold of Zen Buddhism.

Zoroastrianism, Zoroaster: Faith seen as established regarding the 600 BC for the Persia (modern Iran). According to legend, Zoroaster obtained enlightenment by the Daitya lake when, in the ages 29, he obtained an eyesight from Vohu Manah (“A great Believe”) just who took your into visibility away from lord Ahura-Mazda. Lord Mazda instructed Zoroaster the fresh new “correct faith,” rejecting wonders and you will idol worship and you will creating trust into the heaven, heck, a devil (Angra-Mainyu) and another correct god. Later on followers, but not, worshipped Zoroaster together with Mazda. A beneficial Lord Mazda and you will evil Angra Mainyu are seen due to the fact equal inside energy. Teaches enlightenment and you will salvation by works, and fire praise and you will partaking of your own hallucinogenic haoma (soma when you look at the India).

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