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They compensated more than $15 million when there was the CHF event on January 15th 2015. They also compensated a lots whenever there are problems with their system such as the DDOS incident in 2016. When a trader has registered, created an account and deposited the required minimum, he can use all limefx review trading instruments provided within the account. For an intraday trading strategy to be successful in the stock market, it’s important for you to stay informed and understand why a stock’s price fluctuates over time. Our lowest spreads are on Zero account and remain fixed at 0.0 pips for 95% of the trading day.

  • Now users of LimeFX Web Terminal are able to see the proportion of Buy and Sell orders.
  • Find in-depth information about LimeFX trading terminals, deposits and withdrawals, and more at the LimeFX Help Center.
  • Breakthrough – Traders can test their knowledge by doing fundamental research on the financial market.
  • They only charge around $3/coin for Bitcoin trading, $0.01 for Ripple, and $0.5 for ETH.
  • Especially for China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Pakistan.
  • The quotes of all brokers are different because they get them from different liquidity providers.

Login information like MT4/MT5 login or server number is fixed and cannot be changed. A trader can choose an account type in the Personal Cabinet in the corresponding section. Please read the terms of each account carefully before selecting the best one. Control your online trading accounts with ease, even when you are away from your desktop with the LimeFX Trade trading app.

Developed by MetaQuotes, MetaTrader 4 is not just popular for its tools and features, but also for its safety. The MT4 platform securely encrypts all transmitted data between traders and the platform servers, making sure that your trading accounts, funds and data are protected. Modern software allows trading platforms to be used anywhere. You can install the platform on a desktop computer and trade assets from home or use high-tech mobile applications for 24/7 trading in the location where you are located.

Full trading functionality

Margin in online forex trading is basically the amount of money that you need to open a position. The most popular currency pairs to trade are the ones that offer the most liquidity – i.e. the ones that people trade the most. The margin requirement for your account is tied to the amount of leverage you use. Changing leverage will cause margin requirements to change.


If the upcoming news and events are going to trigger higher margin requirements, they will be marked with ‘flame’ icons to alert traders. Suitable for novice traders, social trading enables investors to copy the trades of experienced traders and benefit from their profitable trades. Traders holding LimeFX’ Professional accounts have to satisfy different minimum deposit requirements depending on their countries of registration.

Analytical Tools

On the official website is available mt4 download free. The client goes to the “Tools” section and MetaTrader 4 subcategory. The broker has created a set of links on the page for downloading Mt4 to mobile gadgets and a desktop computer. LimeFX NASDAQ is available from the Pro, Raw Spread, and Zero accounts. LimeFX broker being regulated by all authoritative organizations to prevent any errors, ensures the safest CFDs trading environment. In addition, the company cooperates with the largest banks in the world such as Baltikums, OCBC Bank and Barclays.

Therefore, the broker may adjust your margin requirements and maximum leverage prior to weekends, holidays, and important industry news announcements to minimise your risks. The broker gives its customers access to the leading trading platform MetaTrader 5 (MT5) to support its trading services. Together with its excellent executions and tight spreads, LimeFX’ worldwide success comes as no surprise. Whether you are a novice or seasoned trader, trading with LimeFX means you will find what you are after.

What are the differences between Standard and Pro account types?

In a stable environment, they are from around 0.5 to 0.8 pip. It’s amazing, because most other brokers charge around 1.7 pips. They only charge around $3/coin for Bitcoin trading, $0.01 for Ripple, and $0.5 for ETH.


Trading with LimeFX allows you to speculate on the price movements of financial assets. You can enjoy exposure to the financial markets without taking ownership of any underlying instruments. Presently, traders on MT4 can perform CFD trading on more than 80 stocks, which are listed on our website, and 10 indices, including US30, DE30, HK50, UK100, and AUS200.

Bonus is a tool for small and medium brokers to attract more customers. For big brokers such as LimeFX, they don’t need bonus to lure more customers. LimeFX places their headquarter at 1, Siafi Street, PORTO BELLO, Office 401, 3042, Limassol, Cyprus. For customer support offices, LimeFX has local offices in many other countries like England, Thailand, or Malaysia…

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With an improved interface and feature set, the fifth-generation trading platform from MetaQuotes boasts enhanced productivity and performance. One of the most popular trading terminals in the world, LimeFX MT4 is packed with intuitive, user-friendly features that help you develop the ultimate trading strategy. For example, traders registered in Bangladesh and Singapore are required to deposit no less than 200 USD. As for holidays, LimeFX will make an announcement on their website in case of increased margin requirements. When it comes to account spreads, the Standard and Standard Cent accounts have a minimum spread of 0.3 pips.

A demo account will help you to get acquainted with the account functionality and peculiarities of working with an LimeFX account without financial risks in advance. Provide your account number and support PIN if you’re an existing client. Pre-market stock trading is also available for certain stocks.

LimeFX Broker Leverage

It has never cancelled any of its customers’ positions without their consent under any circumstances. As a global broker,’ services are available in numerous countries and regions across the globe. The company has established an extensive footprint in Asia over the years, with countries such as Thailand and Vietnam being its most important sources of customers. Traders can also take advantage of the availability of leverage at LimeFX.

Instant withdrawals, 24/7

The spread of a trading instrument is the difference between its ask and bid prices. Spreads contribute to your trading costs, and are the main source of profit for market makers like LimeFX. The fees that LimeFX’ customers are subject to vary from account type to account type. By trading indices, you can speculate on an entire financial market without trading individual instruments. There are two types of energies amongst LimeFX’ trading products, namely Brent Crude and West Texas Intermediate.

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